24/7 Emergency Contact

24/7 Emergency Contact

As we’ve seen time and time again, there are countless advantages to working with a qualified recruitment agency. Aside from the obvious benefits such as industry expertise, valuable connections, and employment resources, an organisation such as On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire provides continuous support for our clients and for our recruitment candidates. One tremendous offering by our agency is our unique 24/7 emergency contact service.

Why an emergency contact service?

Our emergency contact service is a great source of help and security to our clients. We operate the 24/7 contact policy primarily for our labour hire clients and candidates hired through these means. (Typically, our standard long term , permanent placements do not require the need for an emergency contact system). With labour hire, our agency connects client businesses in need of skilled workers with appropriate candidates. Workers can be hired for jobs, contracts, and projects of all lengths and types, but most commonly, labour hire involves industries such as construction and engineering.

As labour hire employees, these workers are hired directly through On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire, which means we handle all administration and other management tasks ourselves, leaving our clients to make a simple payment to our agency. We also place a strong emphasis on safety, and proper inductions, frequently evaluating our clients and associated work sites to ensure WHS compliance in each case and to determine that each offers a secure working environment for employees. In addition, we assist with providing appropriate induction, so those workers hired through labour hire have access to all materials, instructions, and methods for working they will require. As well, workers are given instruction regarding the reporting of hazards or injuries. This guarantees maximum possible safety for everyone.

Our emergency contact service, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, allows both clients and labour hire workers to reach an agency representative whenever necessary.

What type of work-related emergencies might be encountered?

Unforeseen circumstances can, and do occur, so the availability of an emergency contact service is paramount. When you think of the term “emergency,” the first thing to come to mind might involve accident or injury. In labour-heavy industries utilising large, complex equipment, there are unfortunate incidences. Fortunately, our clients at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire are reviewed regularly to ensure utmost security is maintained. In the event of an injury or work-related accident, clients and candidates can contact us at any time to assist them in determining the best course of action. Our team can help with any related processes that may be involved in moving forward.

Aside from accidents or other things which may be considered clear “emergencies”, there are, more frequently, less immediate issues which still require swift and effective resolutions. Labour hire projects are subject to a great deal of change and flexibility, and our 24/7 emergency contact service allows our clients to be in contact with our agency as quickly as possible. Urgent situations may require additional workers or a change in project planning. We are here and ready to assist with anything you need.

Additionally, labour hire works are encouraged to contact us in the event of a safety concern or a problem with any regulations. When in doubt, give us a call.

How can we help?

Our 24/7 emergency contact service is equipped with complete remote access to our company information systems, allowing us to respond quickly in the event of any incident. Together, we’ll work to get your project back up and running smoothly, fixing any issues with the best possible solutions. Whether you’re encountering physical problems, administrative challenges, or more, we have experience handling a wide variety of problems for our labour hire candidates and clients. Our highest commitment is to the safety and security of the individuals and businesses we work with. If you have a safety concern, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the team here at On Line Recruitment and Labour Hire.